FIW WS 23/24

This is a research-oriented course on the efficient mechanization of logical and probabilistic reasoning algorithms, in close collaboration with the ENEXA project of the European Union (

This 'course'  is just an anchor point for the MAI study program

to communicate some information and to address common questions.

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General (formal) information about the MAI study program

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Einschreibung in den gemeinsamen Kurs "Parallel Programming" der Studiengänge "Masterstudiengang Angewandte Mathematik und Physik" und "Master Artificial Intelligence".

Den gemeinsamen Kurs mit allen Materialien finden Sie im Bereich Mathematik der Fakultät angewandte Natur und Geisteswissenschaften.

This is a special E-Learning course for the AI Röntgen Class (SZTU-FHWS) project.